Little World

Bart de Win

European roots meet Americana: A very original interpretation of americana music, exploring the boundaries between country, pop, jazz, gospel and blues.

European roots meet Americana

Bart de Win gives his very own and authentic interpretation of americana music, exploring the boundaries between country, folk, countryrock, jazz, gospel and blues. He’ll guide you over the endless blue highways, to the American small town bars and honky tonks, adding some European flavors.

'Little world' was completely recorded and mixed in Austin, Texas, and it was produced by the great Walt Wilkins, who can also be held responsible for the production of Sam Baker’s albums 'Pretty World' and 'Mercy'. A bunch of great Texan musicians, like Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Kim Deschamps, Tina Mitchell Wilkins and The Mystiqueros contributed to the record. Gilad Atzmon added his beautiful clarinet playing. The album was preceded by the release of the single ‘Minute of your time’. The second single ‘Summer dresses’ came with a sunny Texan video clip, which you can find on Youtube.

Both albums ‘The simple life’ (2009) en ‘Little world’ (2011) were received very well. Bart’s musical style is often compared to Randy Newman, James Taylor and Tom Waits. For more information and press reviews you can visit Bart's website:

Bart de Win | leadvocals, keys Walt Wilkins | harmony vocals, guitar Ray Rodriguez | drums, percussion Bill Small | bass, backingvocals, percussion John Greenberg | guitar Tina Mitchell Wilkins | harmony vocals Arianne Knegt | harmony vocals Kim Deschamps | pedal steel, banjo, dobro Ron Flynt | bass Brendon Anthony | violin Gilad Atzmon | clarinet Matt Giles | guitar Scrappy Jud Newcomb | guitar

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