Walt Wilkins

In the summer of 2010 Bart recorded his album Little world in Austin, Texas, with  Walt Wilkins and his great band The Mystiqueros. That proved to be the start of a wonderful friendship and a lasting collaboration. By now Bart is called 'the one and only international Mystiquero'! Bart has played with them several times in this last decade, in both the USA and the Netherlands, and contributes to a lot of releases of Walt and of The Mystiqueros, of Walt's wife (singer Tina Mitchell Wilkins), and to albums of diverse American artists that Walt produces. 

Every spring Bart and Arianne travel to Texas to play and record, and each fall Walt and Bill Small return to the Netherlands, following up a succesful first Dutch tour in 2012. They'll play the stars from the sky, as we say in Holland. For new dates: see our tour dates page.

In the videos underneath the photo you'll find three songs:

  • Someone somewhere tonight written by Walt Wilkins (covered by Kenny Rodgers and released as a single in 2013 by 'Dancing with the stars'-winner Kellie Pickler), played in the Saxon Pub, Austin TX.
  • Pay the DJ, a song Bart recorded in Texas with The Mystiqueros, here performed live in Gruene Hall, New Braunfels TX.
  • Try my luck, another song by Bart, here performed in Van Slag, Borger, NL.

Walt Wilkins & The Mystiques (Foto Arianne Knegt)

Matthews Southern Comfort

Iain Matthews’ musical career started off in the mid sixties when he and Richard Thompson founded Fairport Convention, a very influential English folk rock band. Iain became one of the leading characters, next to Sandy Denny. In the early seventies Iain moved to America, in search of a more country rock based sound. He lived in L.A. in the period The Eagles, The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Byrds would change the music scene forever. With his new band Matthews Southern Comfort Iain had a big hit with his own version of Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock. Iain would stay in the USA for almost three decades, the latter part of which he spent in Austin, Texas. He built himself a wonderful career, including working with people like Nanci Griffith and Eliza Gilkyson. For the last ten years Iain has been living in the Netherlands, working together with The Searing Quartet and Ad Vanderveen, amongst others.

Matthews Southern Comfort, Iain Matthews' famous band from the seventies, was brought back to life in 2010, and toured around Europe for a couple of years, with old and new songs. The 'new' Matthews Southern Comfort consisted of Iain, B.J. Baartmans, Elly Kellner and Bart. After a couple of years Eric Devries followed up Elly Kellner. The band toured through the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Italy. Mellow countryrock with three guitars, a rhodes and beautiful vocal harmonies. Their latest release is The Woodstock Album (2023), with a Matthews Southern Comfort re-interpretation of songs that were all performed at the famous festival.

Underneath the photo you'll find three songs:

  • Woodstock, written by Joni Mitchell and performed by Matthews Southern Comfort.
  • Bits and pieces, written by Iain Matthews. Official videoclip.
  • Darcy Farrow, in MSC's arrangement of the song written by Steve Gillette and Tom Campbell.

Matthews Southern Comfort (Foto Marco Bakker)