Bart de Win

Bart de Win studied jazz piano en vocals in Rotterdam. He now works as a main subject teacher at the conservatories of Utrecht and Rotterdam. His musical style ranges from jazz to americana and everything in between. He played in several jazz, pop and fusion bands. For fifteen years Bart played with Dutch singer Gerard van Maasakkers as a member of his band. This line up of musicians is famous for  delicate arranging and playing. With them Bart recorded some of his solo albums, and the four of them also proved to be the perfect band for various projects, such as recordings with Greek singer Maria Markesini, stand up comedian Ernst van der Pasch and the Swedish-Cypriotic Elizabeth Simonian. Bart regularly tours with international artists like Iain Matthews (UK), Walt Wilkins (USA), Minyeshu (Ethiopia), Izaline Calister (Curaçao) and The Birds of Chicago (USA), he plays with Dutch icons like Ruud Hermans, Joke Bruijs and Gé Titulaer, or with his former students Shirma Rouse, Baer Traa and Merel Moelker. In 2013 Bart and his wife Arianne Knegt formed the band Tip Jar, together with some of their musical friends. The music of Tip Jar is strongly rooted in americana, with influences of pop, folk, bluegrass and jazz. Pure and honest music, always letting the essence and character of the song prevail.


Because of his versatility Bart has been called a musical centipede by some. Although his music is indeed hard to classify into one single musical category, his own repertoire, however, steadily developed from jazz and pop in a more rootsy direction. His jazz background blended in easily with his newly developed authentic style. His music has been described as a crossover between americana, blues, gospel, jazz & vaudeville. Bart has a very own, unique, rootsy sound that stands out. From his well praised timing to his warm bariton to his sensitive playing of the piano, rhodes and accordeon; everything breaths a pleasant and free originality.